Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review: Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion

Hello all!

After a few months of absence, I am back! I started a new job in January and have been very busy, but am now on holiday so have some time to blog. I hope to keep it going as I should have more free time in the future. So onto my review...

I recently bought Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion. It cost around R60 from Dischem. It is a gradual tanning moisturiser and not an instant self-tanner. I read some reviews on it online and thought I would give it a shot.

I applied it in the evening as some of the reviews had suggested. I first exfoliated and shaved before applying it over my whole body. I even mixed a tiny amount with my facial moisturiser and put it on my face. It does have quite a strong smell but it is not a bad smell - my boyfriend said I smelt like a biscuit. So this is why it is recommended that you put it on at night, so that it can develop overnight and you can shower in the morning and wash off the smell. I also made sure to wash my hands properly after applying, and I also used a pumice on my feet so that I wouldn't have any tell-tale signs that I used this product.

Needless to say, I was very happy with the result the next morning. I had a lovely glow which did not look fake at all. I showered just to get rid of the smell, which did then go away. In the shower, I made sure not to scrub myself as I did not want to risk wiping any colour off. I also patted myself dry rather than rubbing with a towel so as to avoid removing colour.

I would definitely purchase and use this product again. It works so much better than other gradual tan lotions which I find take forever to give any colour. I can use Palmer's Natural Bronze once and have an instant glow without having to worry about looking orange and fake.

  • Develops overnight 
  • Beautiful glowing skin that does not look orangey or fake
  • Easy to apply


  • Feels sticky on skin after application (but feels fine once it has soaked in and you have had your morning shower)
  • Strong smell
  • Starts to fade after about 2 days and then needs to be reapplied
  • Not specifically designed for your face

    Would I recommend this product?: Yes

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