Friday, 6 April 2012

My foundations

As a trained make-up artist, I love to try out new foundations. I have rather oily skin and am always on the lookout for a foundation that will stay put throughout the day and not slide off, give me good coverage but not look caked on, and not leave me looking like an oil slick. I have yet to find a foundation that scores 10 out of 10 for all of these categories. If you can recommend a foundation that you think is great for oily skin, then please let me know.

I used to use Bobbi Brown Luminous foundation. It used to work for me when my skin was more normal/a little bit oily, but then my skin became even oilier and I couldn't use it anymore because I would become an oil slick far too easily. For those of you who have more dry/normal skin, then I would suggest you give it a try. It is on the more expensive side, but it truly is a lovely foundation. It gave me such great coverage without looking caked on and felt lovely to the touch. Another really good thing about Bobbi Brown foundations is that they have a yellow undertone whilst most foundations have a pink undertone. This is good because most of us have a yellow undertone in our skin and not a pink undertone, so I try to stay away from foundations that are too 'pink' (maybelline is one of them).

Here are the foundations that I now currently use: 

From left to right:
Max Factor  Facefinity Compact (03 Natural)
MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW20)
Revlon ColorStay Stay Active (004 Natural Beige)
Revlon New Complexion (05 Natural Beige)

All of the above are oil-free which is a must for any foundation that I use. Just a few comments on these foundations:

Max Factor Facefinity Compact:
This provides a light to medium coverage so it is perfect for when my skin is having one of it's better looking days and I don't want much coverage. It evens out my complexion and gives a lovely satin finish, just like the box says. I do find that I need to reapply this during the day as it starts to wear off a bit, but the great part is that it is like a liquid foundation and powder in one, so I just use this and there is no need to apply powder afterwards.I find this a huge plus because it means I don't tend to become oily during the day. I do think that the shade that I use (no. 03 natural) is a tad too dark for me. Another huge drawing card of this product is that I can keep it in my bag without any worry of it messing. The packaging is very convenient. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid:
I love, love, love this foundation! The colour (NW20) is perfect because it was matched properly at the MAC store and it has a yellow undertone which I like. It gives a medium to heavy coverage so I tend to only use it at night because I like a lighter coverage during the day, but it is perfect for my bad skin days because it covers all! It is oil-free and has an SPF of 15 (sun protection is very important to me). I do find that I need to reapply my powder during the day because this does become a bit oily on my face. However, I find I need to do that with all liquid foundations. This is one of my fav foundations.

Revlon Colorstay Stay Active:
A friend who uses this foundation recommended it to me. I like it but I do not feel like there is anything special about it. It is oil-free and has an SPF of 25, but I find that my skin really gets oily with this foundation. I don't really use this foundation anymore because soon after buying it, Revlon brought out...

Revlon New Complexion:
I really like this foundation and it is the one I use on a daily basis. The colour suits my skin and it provides a light to medium (and heavier if you layer it) coverage which is perfect for the daytime. My skin becomes slightly oily during the day so I do need to touch up with powder, but as I mentioned, I need to do that with all foundations. When compared to my MAC foundation, I do notice a slight pink undertone, but it is so slight that I do not mind. 

So those are my foundations at the moment. I am always keen to try out others, so if you have any that you can recommend to someone with oily skin, then please let me know. I am keen to try out the foam and mousse foundations. I also used to use a Clinique foundation way back when which I really liked, so I think I may try Clinique again. Anyone use any of their foundations and can recommend?

I look forward to hearing what foundations you use and what you like/don't like.

Lv M xx

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