a little bit about me

Welcome to my blog. Here is just a little bit of info about me so that you have some idea of who, what and where I am :)

My name is Monique but my family calls me Nikki.

I recently did a Postgraduate Degree in Education and am now a 5th grade teacher. 

I also have my Honours in Psychology. I hope to one day do my Masters in Psychology and become a child psychologist.

I live with my amazing boyfriend, Simon, in a great apartment overlooking Table Mountain, the sea and beach.

We have a pet goldfish called Glob. 

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I absolutely love this city and it's vibe, and I urge everyone to visit at some point in their lives.

I lived in the UK for two years, mainly London and Maidenhead. 

My hobbies/interests/loves include running, cycling, swimming, spinning, glossy and trash mags, baking, playing squash,boyfriend cuddles and snuggles, coffee, chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps, sushi, Days of our Lives, make-up.

I am a trained make-up artist. I worked for a top make-up brand for a while, and now just do the occasional friend's wedding.

I am obsessed with anything vanilla.

I hate the smell of lavender.

I love smarties (the South African ones, not the UK ones. Ours taste so much better!)

I have never had a nose-bleed in life and I have never broken any bones.

I have riden the Argus, a 108km cycle race in Cape Town, twice. Last year I did it on a tandem bicycle with the boyfriend. This year I rode it by myself.

I have run two half-marathons, and hope to do many more. 

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