Saturday, 26 May 2012

A quicker way to make hair grow?

I am always on some mission or another. The first was to sort my skin out which I finally seem to have done (blog post soon to follow), and now my next mission is to try speed up the growth of my hair as I am so sick of having short hair. Typing this now I feel rather stupid as I know that there is nothing that will make my hair grow ridiculously quickly, but I have heard that certain things can help it a little bit, and even if I can make it grow a little bit more quickly, I am willing to try it. The other reason for me trying out these products is because I have noticed that my hair has become a lot thinner recently. I have always had fine hair but a lot of hair, so it always appeared thick. But since being on oratane for my skin, I have noticed my hair getting thinner. I believe oratane is the reason for this as it is one of the (less-common) side effects listed. I did not have this problem the last time I was on oratane, but then again, I have been experiencing symptoms this time around that I did not experience the last time. There are other possible reasons for my hair thinning so it might not be oratane. Who knows!

Anyway, so I'm hoping these products can help in some way or another. I did some research and apparently biotin (vitamin H) and coconut oil are both associated with helping hair growth, and biotin also apparently helps with thinning hair and it also is good for your nails. The only downside is that a number of reviewers said that taking biotin supplements made their skin break out. Luckily for me I am on oratane, so hopefully I shouldn't have a problem with that.

So I am taking 2 Prosana capsules a day, which are high in biotin. I am also using Palmer's coconut oil on my hair from time to time. I massage it into my scalp and hair in the evening and wash it out in the morning. The only downside I have found with this so far is that I found it quite difficult to wash all of the oil out. So in future I will use it only on my scalp and not only the entire length of my hair.

So I will let you know if I notice any differences in the length/thickness/strength of my hair, and also if there is any change in my nail growth/strength.

Love M xxx

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality pics. I took them with the camera on my phone.

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