Monday, 12 December 2011

Now where to start...

The first thing I would I like to say is a huge welcome to my blog! I have been inspired by a few bloggers that I follow to start my own blog. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed reading their blogs and watching their YouTube tutorials, I have often found them rather informative and useful for my own life.  I hope that by blogging my own findings, reviews, life stories/lessons, tips etc., I can also help and inspire my lovely readers.

So just a little bit about me...

My name is Monique and I am a 24 (almost 25!) year old Capricorn. I have an Honours Degree in Psychology, which I hope to make a Masters Degree one day. I also recently finished a Post Grad in Education, and am employed to be a grade 5 teacher next year. I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, which is in South Africa.  I lived in the UK for two years on a type of gap year, but returned back to Cape Town as home is where the heart is (and my visa came to an end!). If you have never visited here before, I suggest you do. Cape Town is so amazing! It recently won (for the seventh time) Best Destination in Africa at the World Tourism Awards. It also won Trip Advisor’s Top Destination for 2011 and was in the top ten for Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Cities 2011. So definitely come visit us if you haven’t already :)

When I’m not promoting Cape Town, I like to run, cycle, play squash, swim, mess around with my hair and hair colour, try new beauty products, read glossy and trash magazines, and all the girlie stuff that us girls like to do. I love to bake (and like to think I'm not half bad at it ;) and I am an absolute sushi fanatic!  I live with my amazing boyfriend of 3 years, Simon. We recently moved in together so we are still in the “playing housey” phase :) He is currently trying to teach me how to surf and to kite board.

Anyways, so enough about me! I look forward to sharing my blog with you, and I look forward to hearing all your feedback in the future :) 


PS. ‘Nikki’ is the nickname given to me by my Gran, in case you were wondering the connection between Monique and Nikki :)

The lovely ladies who I follow and who inspired me: 

View of Table Mountain from my apartment

Boyfriend on the beach in front of our apartment

Me :)

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